Township of Ocean, Ocean County, New Jersey

Township of Ocean Police Department

50 Railroad Avenue,Waretown, NJ 08758
Phone: (609) 693-4007

Police - Traffic Safety Bureau

The Ocean Township Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is dedicated to promoting and improving traffic safety through education, analysis and enforcement. With two major traffic routes funneling daily commuters and weekend tourists to and from the shore area, a need was recognized for development of unit which would conduct proactive enforcement as well as investigate motor vehicle crashes. The specialized unit was made by Cpl. Steven Mandarine, and has grown into a multi-faceted, highly accomplished and professional section within the Division of Police which is now being commanded by Sgt. Michael Matelski. The Traffic Safety Section is comprised of highly skilled police officers whose training and expertise provide valuable services to the citizens of Ocean Township and the surrounding communities.

The primary responsibility of the Traffic Safety Unit is safety of motorists and pedestrians in Ocean Township. In addition the unit also:

• Investigates complaints of unsafe condition on all public roadways within the township.
• Develops and coordinates the departments selective enforcement programs, to include speed enforcement details and safety checkpoints.
• Conducts analysis of accident data information to reduce serious accident and address the high accident areas.
• Conducts technical accident investigation, to include all fatal and serious injury accidents. The unit also provides support in follow-up investigations and reconstruction.
• Members liaison with neighboring traffic safety units as well as the Ocean County Fatal Accident Team and New Jersey State Police Traffic Safety Units.
• Educates the public on traffic safety issues through lectures, pamphlets, and safety programs.

Besides conducting traffic enforcement and investigating motor vehicle crashes, the traffic safety section and its member officers participate in and instruct a host of education programs which benefit the residents of Ocean Township.

From the standpoint of safety, the officers within the Traffic Safety Section are instrumental each year in preparing grants and procuring moneys for the purpose of conducting special enforcement details aimed at keeping Ocean Township’s roadways safe. These grants provide tens-of-thousands of dollars to fund enforcement operations such as Drunk Driving Enforcement, Click-It-Or-Ticket, Over the Limit, Under Arrest, as well as periodic Child Seat Safety Inspections. Those officers within the unit aim to provide educational benefits to young and old residents alike, understanding that those new to driving as well as those who have been driving for over 50 years can always learn something new when it comes to driving safety.

Traffic Safety Unit Members

Sgt. Michael Matelski
609-693-4007 ext 322

Cpl. Steven Mandarine
609-693-4007 ext. 302

Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer

In addition to manned patrol vehicles, the unit also deploys a speed monitoring awareness radar trailer in residential neighborhoods, school zone, construction zones and other locations to help promote compliance with the posted speed limit. This trailer is an unmanned portable, self-contained speed display unit that is towed to the desired location. Once deployed it displays speeds of oncoming vehicles on a highly visible LED display. A speed limit sign mounted on the unit reminds drivers of the speed limit. The unit allows drivers the opportunity to see how fast they are actually traveling, and slow down, without receiving a speeding summons.

The radar trailer may be requested by township residents, by contacting:

Cpl. Steven Mandarine
609-693-4007 ext. 302

Child Safety Seat Inspection Program

The Ocean Township Police Department Child Safety Seat Team consists of State Certified Technicians who provide free safety seat inspections. Our technicians check all child safety seats for unsafe seats and recalls. Families who are expecting or have an infant and cannot afford a child safety seat may receive one from the Ocean Township Police Department CSS program.

An application and proof of income may be required to receive a seat.

Child Restraint Law

The wording of the new law has become the subject of debate and confusion. I hope this will clarify some of the issues regarding the new law.

First, we as parents and caregivers want our children to be safe in vehicles. Too many deaths have occurred due to improper installation of a car seat or placing them in improperly fitted booster seats or even no child restraint at all.

Second, the absolute safest the child can be is rear facing. Honestly if we drivers could sit rear facing we would be much safer as well. Hurry up Google with automated vehicles!

Let’s break the law down.

Birth - 2 Years Old Under 30 lbs
Your child MUST be in a rear facing seat with a 5 point harness. Usual argument: My child is tall, I don’t want their legs bent against the seat or I’m worried about development of their bones. This is a very common concern and has no evidence to support it.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (March 2011) - There are no known detrimental effects of riding rear-facing longer than a year, but the benefits of doing so have been observed for many years in Sweden and more recently in the United States.

2 - 4 Years of Age
If your child is less than 40lbs they shall be rear facing with a 5 point harness until the child outgrows the weight / height for the rear facing seat. Then they may be secured on a Forward Facing Child Restraint with a 5 point harness. All seat manufacturers have a weight / height limit for rear facing printed on the side of your car seat.

4 - 8 Years of Age
The child shall remain in the back seat in a Forward Facing seat equipped with a 5 point harness until they outgrow the seats top weight / height recommendations set by the car seat manufacturer.

Once the child reaches the top weight / height recommendations they can be secured in a booster with the vehicle seat belt.

8 Years of Age or 57 Inches
Must be secured by a seat belt. There are cases when seatbelts may not fit your child correctly regardless of being 8 years old or above 57”. In this case the best practice is to continue using a booster for proper positioning of the seatbelt.

When Can My Child Use Just a Seatbelt?

  • Tall enough to sit without slouching.
  • Able to keep his or her back against the vehicle seat.
  • Able to keep his or her knees ‘naturally’ bent over the edge of the seat.
  • Their feet are flat on the floor.
  • The lap belt must be snugly across their thighs not their stomach.
  • The shoulder belt should lie snug across the shoulder and chest not the neck or face.

Never have the shoulder belt under their arm or behind their back. This can result in severe injury in a crash.

Schedule a Child Safety Seat Inspection by contacting:

Det. Philip Calanni
609-693-4007 ext. 319

Department State Certified Child Safety Seat Technicians

Lt. Scott Murphy
Sgt. Michael Matelski
Cpl. Steven Mandarine
Det. Philip Calanni

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