Township of Ocean, Ocean County, New Jersey

Township of Ocean Police Department

50 Railroad Avenue,Waretown, NJ 08758
Phone: (609) 693-4007

History of the Township of Ocean Police Department

In 1963, the Township Committee, consisting of Ebert L. Hall, Engel H. Sprague and Joseph C. Reid, established the Police Department. Two regular officer's, Howard and Albert Camburn, and three Special Officers, Bernard Louden, Charles L. Brewer and James Bridger Sr. were appointed and sworn in. Before the forming of the local Police Department the New Jersey State Police were responsible for patrolling Ocean Township.

In April of 1963, after attending the Ocean County Police Academy in Lakewood for six weeks, Howard Camburn was appointed as Acting Chief of Police.

In September of 1964, Leroy Sharp replaced Albert Camburn as a Special Officer, and several months later Bernard (Billy) Louden was appointed Constable in charge of the Police Department. In May of 1965, the Township adopted an ordinance establishing the Ocean Township Police Department. In August of that year, William T. Sneddon Jr. was appointed as a Patrolman.

In May of 1966, the Township adopted an ordinance establishing the position of Police Matron. On May 12, 1966 the Township appointed Jeanne Brewer as its first Police Matron.

In 1967, William J. Mitchell, former Sergeant in the Elizabeth Police Department, was appointed and sworn in as the Police Chief to succeed Bernard (Billy) Louden, who retired December 31, 1966.

In 1968, the Ocean Township Police Department consisted of:

Chief William Mitchell
Sergeant William Sneddon
Patrolman Robert Kruysman
Patrolman Chester G. Caufield
Matron Jeanne Brewer

As Ocean Township grew so did the Police Department. By 1976, the Police Department had grown to thirteen (13) members. It consisted of a Chief, Lieutenant, Detective, Sergeant, six (6) Patrolman, a Police Clerk/Matron, a Police Matron and two part time Crossing Guards.

At the end of 1977, Police Chief William Mitchell retired from his position and in 1978, William T. Sneddon Jr. was appointed as Chief of Police. In that same year, the department added one more patrolman to the force.

On August 21, 1979, Carole Dunster was appointed to the Police Clerk/Matron replacing Alma Dennis who retired.

On September 13, 1982, Kenneth B. Flatt was appointed as patrolman. The department at that time consisted of:

Chief: William Sneddon
Lieutenant Frank Johnson
Sergeant Charles Newell
Patrolman Jeff Bitter
Patrolman Ron Risden
Patrolman John Maybank
Patrolman Rick Dockery
Patrolman John Downing
Patrolman Kenneth Flatt
Dispatcher Linda Lanning
Dispatcher Kevin Lybrook
Dispatcher Debbie Kasko
Dispatcher Jeanette Bair
Clerk/ Matron Carol Dunster

February 1998, Scott Sprague, Edward Vanderbilt, Shawn Denning, Robert Campanile and Matthew Azzarone were hired as patrolmen and sent to the Ocean County Police Academy.

In June 1999, Chief Sneddon retired and Lt. Flatt was place in the position of Officer in Charge. The Department at that time consisted of Officer in Charge - Lieutenant Kenneth Flatt, Sergeant Scott Sprague, Corporal Edward Vanderbilt, Detective Dennis Jarin, K-9 Officer Shawn Denning and K-9 partner "Boy", Patrolmen Matthew Azzarone, William Sneddon III, Gerhard Frenz, Adam Mogul, Marc Dennis, Bryan Mckay, Michael Ward, George Thompson, Casey Long and Special Officers James Kinlan and Albert Haldenwang. The department also had eight Police Dispatchers; Carole Dunster, Barbara Brown, Mishelle Howell, Joseph Giberson, Beth Laudati, Christine Kraus, Nancy King and Leanne Petracca.

In January 2001, Kenneth Flatt was promoted to the position of Chief of Police.

Today the Ocean Township Police Department is trying to keep up with the growing demands of the town but also keep that small town image. The members of the Ocean Township Police Department feel that we are one of the best trained police departments in the county and are privileged to serve the residents of Ocean Township.