Township of Ocean, Ocean County, New Jersey

Township Committee

Mayor, Lydia M. Dodd
Deputy Mayor, Ben LoParo
Committeeman, Ken Baulderstone
Business Administrator/Municipal Clerk, Diane B. Ambrosio

Meeting Agendas

The Township form of government is the oldest form of municipal government in New Jersey. The original act of 1798 incorporated 104 towns. Under the current township government laws, the township committee remains the backbone of the municipality's government. Voters elect the township committee's three members. The elections are partisan and the committee members serve three-year staggered terms. The Township Committee elects the mayor for a one-year term. The Mayor serves as the chair of the Township Committee and has powers vested in the mayor's office by general law.

The Township Committee is the Legislative Branch of our government and establishes policies for the administration of the various departments. The Committee appoints the Township Administrator who is responsible for carrying out those policies and overseeing the day to day operations