Township of Ocean, Ocean County, New Jersey

Township of Ocean Municipal Alliance

Please call Jeanne 548-6319 for the date of the next scheduled meeting.

Meetings will be held in the Municipal Meeting Room, 50 Railroad Avenue. Meetings are open to the public

Municipal Alliance Appointments

Ben LoParo Chairman
Jean Broadbent Coordinator
Dr. Chris Lommerin Supt. Of Schools
Chief Michal Rogalski Police Chief
Daggi Ball Member
John Lane Member
Aaron Shapiro Member
Elizabeth Ryan Greenbriar Woman's
Hal Polon Member
Dawn Corlew Member
Mitch Bernstein Member
Lauren Ebernez Member
Diane B. Ambrosio Member

Introducing the Ocean County Prevention Hub! - DART Prevention Coalition - Building Resilient Communities

Volunteers of America Guide to Services

Teaching Media Literacy to Youth

SAMHSA: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.  

These are programs that can be provided virtually.
We do have a significant amount of EB programming, however the one’s indicated below are available to be done virtually at this point in time.  

  •  Hidden in Plain Sight  (90 minutes, 1 presentation, Virtually live)
  • Girls Circle (10 weeks/40 minutes week, 10-14 girls, virtual live, appropriate for middle school or high school girls)
  • Boys Council (10 weeks/40 minutes week, 10-14 girls, virtual live, appropriate for middle school or high school girls)
  • Footprints for Life (6 weeks/40 minutes week,  virtual live, entire classroom, second grade students)
  • WNBI (We’re Not Buying It) (6 weeks/40 minutes week, virtual live,  entire classroom, second grade students)
  • Strengthening Families Program (11 – 14 weeks/90 minutes week, up to 14 families)
  • W.I.S.E. – Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (should be available virtually soon)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, LMTI is committed to continuing to provide quality leadership, mental health, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention training and education opportunities.  We have adapted all of our programs to virtual platforms, and have added several new elements to help both adults and youth cope with the difficulties brought forth by our current circumstances.


  1. LMTI Virtual Track Conference
    In this multi-platform experience, tailored to the Class of 2020, participants will gain insights into life after high school. Sessions include Social & Sober, Resumes & Interviews, Higher Education, Academics, Money Management, and small group discussion sessions facilitated by LMTI’s College Age staff to help youth delve even deeper into these important topics.
  1. LMTI @ Home- Virtual Summer Leadership Conference
    In this multi-platform conference, participants will hear from motivational speakers, connect with other youth from throughout the state, participate in energizing group sessions, and learn about key aspects of youth leadership and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention. Even though participants can’t meet in person as they usually would, LMTI is committed to providing youth with an experiential learning and growing opportunity during this time when they need it most.

LMTI provides a wide range of workshops for youth and/or adults to help enhance their prevention work with youth. These workshops have been fully converted to virtual platforms, with features to keep participants actively engaged throughout the sessions. Sample workshop topics include: Mental Health 101, Youth Advocacy, Environmental Scanning, LGBTQ+ Support, Prescription Drugs, Don't Get Vaped In, SPF, 7 Strategies for Community Change, Opioids, Youth Engagement, Youth/Adult Partnerships, Mental Health First Aid, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, and Self Care. Many more topics and custom programs for any group size are also available- visit for more info.

Since the start of the pandemic, LMTI has been providing a Spotlight Series, highlighting a different topic during each edition. The Spotlight Series includes a comprehensive and informative webinar, resources to explore and share, and journal pages for youth. Topics have included Youth Engagement, Mental Health 101, Self Care During Times of Crisis, Youth Leadership, and LGBTQ+ Support.


Here is a listing of the prevention programs that Mercer Council has converted to virtual/online which can be shared with Alliances:

- Protecting You Protecting Me - Powerpoints and recording (Grades K-2 will all be completed by end of summer)
- Botvin's Life Skills Training - Powerpoints and recording (6 - 8th grades will be completed by end of summer)
- Too Good For Drugs - Powerpoints only for middle school grades
- TIPS on premise training for bar/wait staff - we can conduct this via Zoom for alcohol establishments
- Parenting Program being developed and will be available by end of summer

Contact Information:
Barbara Sprechman, CPS
Assistant Executive Director
Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
Office Phone: (609) 396-5874
Cell Phone: (732) 259-3875
Fax: (609) 396-3451

Teen Intervene  is an early intervention, evidence based program for Ocean County youth that require early intervention services.  This program is for teenagers 12-19 suspected of experiencing mild to moderate problems associated with alcohol or other drug use.  For more information, please see attached flyer.

Resources for Resilient Parenting -

To help you provide resources to parents within your community to better take care of their families and themselves in this unprecedented time, Good Grief has released a new webinar and parent module.
Check them out and share with a parent who would benefit!

Information for the SURE Program

The Substance Use Referral and Education Program was developed by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, the Youth Service Commission, Ocean’s Harbor House, the DART Prevention Coalition, and other key stakeholders in our county in order to help young adults and families find support around underage marijuana and alcohol use.  The staff members at Ocean’s Harbor House who run the SURE program will help you identify individual needs and connect you with appropriate, local supports.
Please call (732) 929-2806 for more information.
Not an Ocean County Resident? Refer to the state site to find counseling resources:
Our Services

  • Service linkages for marijuana and alcohol use/abuse
  • Individual, sibling, and family counseling
  • Case management
  • Referrals to psychoeducational group services

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