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Flooding causes more than ninety percent of the disaster related property damage in the United States each year.  Preparation is the key to surviving a flood and reducing property damage.


Most homeowner policies do not cover flood damage. To determine your flood risk, contact your local emergency management coordinator.

Remember that there is a thirty day waiting period before a flood insurance policy coverage goes into effect.

Take inventory of all personal items (including model types, serial numbers, photographs, and descriptions).  Place all important documents in a water resistant and fire proof box.

You may need a National Flood Insurance Policy coverage even if you do not reside in a high risk flood zone. Check with your personal insurance agent or broker.


Elevate your utilities (e.g. electrical service panel and disconnects, air conditioning unit, water heater, etc.) a minimum of two to three feet above the base flood elevation.  Only a professional licensed contractor should carry out changes that affect the structure of your home or its electrical wiring and plumbing.

If you have a fuel tank, anchor it to a large concrete slab whose weight can resist the force of floodwaters and floatation.

Install sewer back-flow valves to prevent sewage entry into your home.


Obtain a battery powered weather radio and pay attention to the latest information when unusually heavy rains occur or waiting for forecast to occur.

Pay attention to flash flood and river flood watches and warnings which are issued by the National Weather Service.

Never drive your vehicle through flood waters.  It may be deeper than you realize and you could be trapped in your vehicle.


In Ocean Township, Chief Matthew Ambrosio serves as the Emergency Management Coordinator.  He is responsible for overseeing and coordinating efforts in the event of any disaster whether it is natural, technological or man-made.

The Ocean Township Office of Emergency Management oversees the development of the Emergency Operations Plan for our jurisdiction, the exercising/testing of this plan, training of personnel and the identification of resources needed in an emergency.

In this State the New Jersey State Police, Office of Emergency Management, serves as the lead agency for emergency preparedness and disaster response.  The Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police serves as the State Director of Emergency Management.  The Ocean County Office of Emergency Management serves as the liaison to the Municipal Offices of Emergency Management and the New Jersey State Office of Emergency Management.

The Ocean Township Office of Emergency Management is committed to serving the residents and visitors by realizing all four phases of emergency management; mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. As you peruse this page and the pages to follow, please feel free to write, telephone or e-mail our staff if you have any question and concerns.

50 Railroad Avenue

Waretown, NJ 08758Telephone (609) 693-4007 Fax (609) 693-8392

* Please note the telephone number is for informational purposes only -
It is not for reporting emergencies – in an emergency dial 911.