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Emergency Operations Plans

Each jurisdiction in the State of New Jersey is required to have a written Emergency Operations Plan. The Emergency Operations Plan is comprised of a Basic Plan and different annexes. The plan is a hazard approach and includes information regarding any potential risk or hazard the jurisdiction may face. These plans include data regarding natural hazards, as well as man-made threats. The following is a brief description of the information found in an Emergency Operations Plan:

Basic Plan - This is a description of the jurisdiction. It includes the geographic size, the form of government, the population and the services and resources available.

Alert, Warning and Communications Annex- This chapter describes the jurisdiction's ability to communicate with emergency response agencies within and outside of the County and the Municipality, their capability to alert the public and what specific equipment and frequencies they possess to do so.

Damage Assessment Annex - This chapter details how a jurisdiction will document damage and recover from the effects of a major incident. This section also includes the reporting steps necessary for reporting damages to all levels of government; County, State and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Emergency Medical Services - This chapter describes in detail the capability of the jurisdiction to respond to first aid and emergency medical service incidents within the jurisdiction. It also describes any mutual aid agreements and/or contracts with other jurisdictions.

Emergency Operations Center Annex - This chapter describes the Emergency Operation Center for the jurisdiction. It includes the location, lay-out, staffing pattern, set-up procedures and equipment resources available.

Emergency Public Information Annex - This chapter identifies the Public Information Officer for the jurisdiction during major emergencies and disasters. It also identifies the media that will be used to notify the public of emergency information.

Evacuation Annex - This chapter explains the jurisdiction's procedures for implementing an evacuation, identifies possible evacuation routes and the resources and personnel who will accomplish this effort.

Fire and Rescue Annex - This chapter focuses on the hazards and risks the jurisdiction may face from a major fire, including structural and forest fire. It identifies available response and rescue equipment available within the jurisdiction. This section also describes any mutual aid agreements and/or contracts with other jurisdictions.

Hazardous Materials Annex - This chapter identifies areas or facilities with high concentrates of chemicals within the jurisdiction. It also describes the laws and response procedures to be followed in a hazardous materials incident. This section further identifies the capability of the jurisdiction to respond to a hazardous materials incident and any agreements or contracts they
may have with outside agencies.

Law Enforcement Annex - This chapter describes the capability of the law enforcement agency within the jurisdiction. It also identifies any contracts the jurisdiction may have for law enforcement coverage from outside agencies.

Public Health Annex - This chapter addresses the risks and resources for the public health function in a jurisdiction. This section highlights the integrated public health response to incidents that may impact public health.

Public Works Annex - This chapter details the public works resources of the jurisdiction's Public Works Department. It also identifies any mutual aid agreements and/or contracts the jurisdiction may have from outside agencies or jurisdictions.

Radiological Protection Annex - This chapter assesses the risks and response to a radiological incident caused by a fixed facility release, a transportation accident or an act of terrorism.

Resource Management Annex - This chapter identifies any available resources, the jurisdiction's procurement policies and identifies sources for resources that may be needed from private sources from both within and outside the jurisdiction.

Search and Rescue Annex - Currently this chapter is only in the County's Emergency Operations Plan. This chapter identifies equipment, trained personnel and other resources that would be needed in a search and rescue effort.

Shelter, Reception and Care Annex - This chapter identifies possible facilities to be used for public shelters. This chapter also identifies supplies, equipment and personnel that may be necessary in a shelter operation.

Social Services Annex - This chapter describes how the social service function will be implemented during large scale emergencies and disasters.

Terrorism Incident Annex - This chapter focuses on the threat of a biological, chemical and/or radiological threat. It identifies potential targets within the jurisdiction, equipment, resource available and personnel trained for response in the event of an occurrence.

Veterinary Service and Animal Care Annex - This chapter identifies resources that may be needed in a wide spread emergency or disaster to deal with pets, livestock and wildlife.

Please note that a jurisdiction's Emergency Operations Plan is not a public document.
If you believe you have a need for specific information contained within the plan for your jurisdiction, speak to your Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator. Some information may be available to you.
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