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Township of Ocean Police Department

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Police - Detective Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Division or more commonly referred to as the Detective Bureau is the investigative function of the Ocean Township Police Department. Its primary function is conducting investigations ranging from criminal mischief to major crimes, quality of life vice crimes and other serious incidents.

Ocean Township Police Officers within the Uniform Patrol Division are generally given the initial responsibility for preliminary field investigation. The follow-up investigative efforts are carried out by our Detectives. Officers assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division are also responsible for the preparation of criminal cases for prosecution, recovery of stolen property and evidence storage and control. Various types of confidential and personnel investigations are also conducted by the unit, including employment backgrounds, firearms investigations, liquor licensing’s investigations, forfeitures and all Internal Affairs and Professional Standards Investigations.

In addition, the Detective Bureau works as a liaison with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, in an effort to maintain current criminal intelligence and counter terrorism information. This intelligence is then passed on to the Patrol Division in order to keep them up to date on current trends and active criminals.

Prior to being transferred into the Criminal Investigations Division, all Ocean Township Police Department detectives start their law enforcement careers in the uniformed patrol division and are selected for placement within the unit based upon their knowledge, experience and investigative skills. Upon transfer, the new Detective will receive additional training in areas such as photography, fingerprints collection, crime scene analysis and interview and interrogation.

The ultimate goal of the Detective Bureau has always been the apprehension and prosecution of criminals. The community’s assistance is greatly encouraged and appreciated in this area. By reporting suspicious activity when it occurs, along with giving information on wanted persons, stolen property and other criminal activity, residents can help keep Ocean Township one of the safest communities in Ocean County.

The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by Detective Sergeant Michal J. Rogalski. D/Sgt. Rogalski began his law enforcement career with the Ocean Township Police Department is 2005 where he spent his first 5 years within the uniformed patrol division. In 2010 he was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as an evening detective until 2012 when he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and re-assigned to the patrol division as a squad supervisor. In 2015 he was once again transferred back to the Criminal Investigations Division where he now serves as the unit commander. D/Sgt. Rogalski is a highly trained law enforcement professional having graduated from multiple investigative schools such as Law Enforcement Advanced Detective School and FBI Advanced Criminal Investigations School. He is a certified FBI Hostage Negotiator and a trained Internal Affairs investigator. In addition, D/Sgt. Rogalski is an advocate of higher education and has completed many prestigious leadership programs. He holds a Master’s Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University and graduated from the West Point Leadership and Command Academy where he earned the Harry Wilde Academic Achievement Award and now serves as an instructor. D/Sgt. Rogalski is also the recipient of the 2012 Ocean Township Police Department “Officer of the Year Award”, a two time recipient of the Mother’s Against Drunk Driving State Recognition Award and the Harry C. Witt President Award for his involvement in the multi-jurisdictional burglary investigation which led to the capture of a burglar responsible for over 200 separate burglaries and over 2 million dollars worth of stolen goods.

Detective Andrew Risden began his law enforcement career with the Ocean Township Police Department in 2003.  The first 10 years of his career was spent in the Patrol Division.  In 2006 Officer Risden attended the Ocean County S.W.A.T. Basic Operators course and was assigned to the Southern Ocean County Swat Team.  In 2007 he was assigned as a Firearms Instructor and obtained the following certifications; D.C.J. certified Firearms Instructor, Assault Rifle Instructor, Glock armorer, and Colt M16/AR-15 armorer.  In 2007 Officer Risden was assigned as a Field Training Officer and attended a certification course for Field Training Officers.  Throughout his 10 years in the Patrol Division, Officer Risden would regularly assume extra investigative responsibilities.   In June of 2013 Officer Risden was assigned to the Ocean Township Detective Bureau where he continues to serve in the capacity of a Detective.  Det. Risden is a highly trained law enforcement professional having graduated from numerous law enforcement related courses.  He has also attended specialized investigative courses such as the Law Enforcement Advanced Detective School in 2007, Interview and Interrogation in 2008, F.B.I. Advanced Criminal Investigations in 2010, and The Criminal Mind 2014. Det. Risden has received various awards and commendations throughout his career.  In 2012 he received the “Mother’s Against Drunk Driving” state recognition award.  Det. Risden was also the recipient of the 2014 Ocean Township Police Department “Officer of the Year” award.    

Contact Information:
Detective Sergeant Michal J. Rogalski
Telephone: 609-693-4007 ext 310

Detective Andrew Risden
Telephone: 609-693-4007 ext 308