Township of Ocean, Ocean County, New Jersey

2021 Township Committee Agendas & Minutes

Please note that the agendas posted here are for information only and may change prior to the scheduled meeting. Official copies of the agenda may be obtained from the Office of the Clerk.

Type of Meeting
Agendas & Resolutions
January 1
Agenda & Resolutions  
January 19
Regular Agenda & Resolutions  
February 4 Regular/Business/Workshop    
February 16 Regular    
March 4 Regular/Business/Workshop    
March 16 Regular    
April 1 Regular/Business/Workshop    
April 20 Regular    
May 6 Regular/Business/Workshop    
May 18 Regular    
June 15 Regular    
July 20 Regular    
August 17 Regular    
September 2 Regular/Business/Workshop    
September 21 Regular    
October 19 Regular    
November 16 Regular    
December 21 Regular    

Past Agendas and Minutes